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ATR can take over a portion of your assembly process, or we can be your inclusive contract manufacturer, handling the entire process. We currently deal with over 400 vendors, supplying us with everything from circuit board components to heat treated metal parts. We will receive parts from your vendors or help you find the right vendor. We will receive your parts, store them in our climate controlled warehouse and assemble bills of material or your finished products. ATR has an excellent Quality Control system to assure you that your vendor delivers parts to your specification and that the finished product is exactly to your standards. Again, we can store the finished goods and then ship them directly to your customers. Whether you just need warehouse space or you need everything, from procurement to distribution, from small batch building to contract manufacturing, we cater to your specific needs. You’ll only pay for the services you need.

Light Manufacturing Services Overview:

We will procure your bills of material, warehouse them, assemble them and ship direct to your customers.

We will inspect your raw parts, finished goods, printed matter, promotional items, CDs, etc. and remove any defects. We utilize a full range of inspection devices to ensure they meet your specifications.

Mechanical Assembly
You furnish the parts we provide the labor. We can inspect the parts as they arrive, store them, assemble on demand and ship to you or any destination in the world.

Testing New Products
Send us your prototype and we will put it through tests that simulate customer usage to determine product life. Need a fixture to test your products? Let us make one for you.

New Product Rollouts
Have Finished Goods sent to us. We will assemble items for each store to receive and make sure it arrives on schedule.

Repair and Repackaging
Let us handle your returned products. We will repair, repackage and return your product back to your inventory.