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We are the Operations division of Acroprint Time Recorder Co. in Raleigh, NC where we have been assembling and distributing office products since 1969. Throughout those years we have learned the best practices for numerous undertakings. Our specialty is light manufacturing as well as small batch assembly. We assemble products in lots as low as 25. It is a simple low cost process where we can maintain a very high level of quality. We assemble electro-mechanical products that contain from 5 to 500 parts. We, also, assemble data collection terminals that read barcode, proximity and magstripe badges as well as finger print. Each terminal contains multiple printed circuit boards that are supplied by a vendor. We manually affix a smaller board to each mother board according to what reader the order calls for. After assembly, we download the desired programs and preform hipot tests. Products are tested, burned in for quality assurance and then shipped all over the world.

Let us assemble your products regardless of batch sizes or volumes. You supply the parts and we do the rest. If you require someone to source your parts, provide us with the drawings and we will find you a supplier.

We will evaluate your returned products; determine if they can be rebuilt to sell as refurbished product or whether it is cheaper to simply scrap the product. We repair circuit boards, electro-mechanical products.

We distribute hundreds of products each day both domestically and internationally. We routinely receive container orders from China and ship container orders to Mexico, Northern Africa, Indonesia, etc.

We also excel at kitting large and small projects. We have assembled pallets containing the products, point of sale material and everything else that a store manager needs to stage a new product launch in 1000 stores. This takes precision coordination from other vendors, advertising agencies and motor freight companies to successfully accomplish these tasks.